Hand Dipped Remote Taper Candles


A few years ago, I saw a photo of a miniature tree with candles attached to it – loving my seasonal and Christmas tree, intrigued by its uniqueness, I thought I’d look further into it.  The “remotes” as we so fondly call them now, almost became an addiction in my home!  Not only did I add 14 clip-ons to my big Christmas tree (in addition to my string lights), I eventually added base candles to every lantern and window…well you get it!  Now my home looks warm and welcoming every day of the year.  Soon I shared my love of remotes with my customers.  Soon they too developed a love for them too.  These taper candles are hand-dipped, right here in the USA.  That special detail often causes shipping to be a bit longer than our usual shipments.  But the wait is well worth it!  So here’s how the story goes…

It starts with the remote.  You need at least one.  One remote turns all the candles on/off.  (I have one upstairs and one down and admit I do find power in holding it and turning all the candles on!! Lol)  You will then decide on a base, then a color for the taper.  These are hand-dipped so do not expect any 2 to be exact.  Each candle has a silicone “bulb.”

You may add a berry pip or candle ring for a more decorative look. Some start with specialty holiday tapers, then switch it up and replace with a solid taper.  In that case, you may contact me as I “learned” to sell the individual tapers (without the base- you would already have one when you bought the specialty candle).  I hope you decide to add one or more to your home!

These tapers, bases and remotes are unique to each other and cannot be used with any other brands.

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  • Yvonne on

    Remote candles that is

  • Yvonne Casey on

    Is it 40% off for the remote clip on?

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