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2020 is turning out to be a wonderful year for decorating for the holidays! 

It seems that more people are paying attention to their homes, their environment, and their personal space.  Staying home has its advantages.  Many are wanting to surround themselves with things that make them happy and smile.  I find myself strolling from room to room some days in awe of what I created.  Honestly, some of these “things” have been there for years.  I just never had time to STOP and appreciate them. 

I hope, you too, will find joy this year when decorating.  Here are a few tips and trends.

You probably have seen PLAIDS everywhere you look.  It is not just Buffalo Check anymore in a Farmhouse, but checks and plaids have made it to tabletop, stuffies, resin – yes, the HOME!  Maybe the best part is they can be added to any style home for the holidays.  You may find yourself liking them so much, you will want to keep them around all year long.

Sparkle!  Not usually my thing for my style BUT you are going to see more and more sparkle added to decorations.  Sparkle, done right, adds a bit of depth to objects.  Not to be confused with glitter, old fashioned grade school glitter, this sparkle is subtle, not stark, and won’t overwhelm.
Containers!  So many uses including florals, picks and trees!  Containers can be festive.  Leave out all year long and simply add a pick or two to bring the current season into view.  The focus this year is on galvanized, metal and ceramic.  Baskets and weave containers have taken the back seat, at least for now.
Light, Fun, Whimsical!  It may just be because life seems so serious these days, that decorating took on a whole new look.  You are going to see lighter colors, more muted, not pastel, like in/on pumpkins and gourds.  Fun has taken on a whole new meaning too.  Puppies and kittens, farm animals, forest animals and FUN, very FUN sayings!  Whimsical, as in stuffies!  Scarecrows, Pumpkins, Snowmen, Elves and Gnomes!
Farmhouse not your thing?  Not to worry.  Farmhouse “vibe” has become a new thing that may be more your style.  It’s pieces that, added to your current décor, has a hint of Farmhouse.  May be something that has a specific function or versatility, like a crock or platter.  It can also be something that adds beauty like a candleholder or inspirational sign in just the right font.  Either way, whatever your likes, you are going to want to stay tuned this year.


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