Operation “Decorations Down”!

Every year as I take down my Christmas decorations, I look forward to planning the theme of the decorations I will put up.  Usually, it is not the same ones.  Sometimes, it is just a matter of moving a print or lamp from one room to another.  But drastic times call for drastic measures (as we have been told all year!).

This year I decided to do something a little more extreme.  Since I feel that we missed a lot of the holidays and celebrations and I barely added anything to my travel tree, I decided to start an “all seasons” room, my living room!  And I decided to go back to the beginning – primitive and rustic!

My first step was to simplify in the process (if that is possible with this kind of décor!)!  As I took down my Christmas decorations, I made piles to give to my niece and cousin.  While their tubs filled up, I had mixed feelings, happy they were staying in the family and melancholy because they needed to find a new home.

Second step, shop some of my original vendors and find the right Collections for me and you!  You may be pleasantly surprised at some of the choices.  You may even decide to change your home up too!  Who doesn’t need a fresh start or a new look?!

Not to worry, for those who like a more traditional or whimsical look, we will still carry those collections as well.  Stay tuned and stop back frequently as new pieces will be added as they arrive.

I look forward to a much happier and healthier new year and wish you and your family the same.

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  • Pat Roberts on

    Love this!!! What you got that I might need😂

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