Memories Matter!

One thing these last 18 months taught me is that memories matter!  Making memories, cherishing every memory, and make an effort to plan new ones.  Seeing every moment as a page from a scrapbook!  

Scrapbooking has always been my hobby.  It's a way to savor events in my life and that of my family.  It started when my own kids were young.  It was fun making a scrapbook for each of them through their school years and sports years.  I quickly progressed to "doing" a scrapbook a year - the year's activities (other than school and sports!)  every holiday, trips to the zoo, family get-togethers.  As the kids got older and my husband and I started to go on vacations more, I added another "themed" scrapbook - vacations.  That brought me up to about 3 books a year.  Life happened, work happened and I put those memories on hold for years.

Life has changed so much over the last 10 years!  I now have 3 grandsons - that's 3 more scrapbooks a year!  I never thought I would get them all done until 2020!  While being quarantined had its limitations, I used the extra time to focus on the memories and worked on the books.  I finished several the past 18 months and it renewed my energy and passion.

With that said, I am incorporating my Scrapbook business into Seasons of the Home.  I've been a Creative Memories consultant for a number of years, admittedly I was mostly my own customer lol!  Stay tuned as I grow that business.  I started a Facebook Page for beginners and the most seasoned scrapper. 

Join us!  Scrapbooking with Francine. 

If you already scrapbook and need supplies, here's the link to my Creative Memories website! You may order directly from that site!


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  • Debbie on

    So excited….( and a little jealous ) for you as you look forward to new adventures! I met you many years ago at a home party that my friend, Gail hosted in Allentown. I have visited you over the years and my home is sprinkled with treasures from your shoppe. Love my cabinets —- they fit beautifully in my bayside home! Best of luck to you in Oregon. I will keep in touch and follow you – thank goodness for social media! Wishing you and your family continued blessings! 💕

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