For the LOVE of Stuffies!

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The story of our Stuffies

If you visited our Facebook Page, then you already know how excited we get when a new stuffie arrives!...

It started off with a stuffed or plush “doll” a few years back.  They soon became popular because of their name, their cuteness, their size and their season.  Each year new ones are added for our collection!  Most have a name and most years the FIRST letter of the name changes.  For Fall this year, our Pumpkins began with the letter C, like Cooper, Colby or Cinnamon and our Scarecrows the letter H, like Hadley, Harley or Henley.   For Winter there’s Snowman and Moose or Bear and Easter brings out the Bunnies and Chicks!  The best part about this Collection is everything matches from year to year.  It’s easy to squeeze an extra one into your display from year to year!

So what’s the BIG deal!?  When you see them, then you’ll understand.  Chances are you will connect with a name, a face or an outfit.

Some customers like to “Build it Big” – their displays that is. They patiently await their arrival and “letter” announcement to see which one they will take home.  In 2020, B like Baxter, Branson and Ben feature the trendy plaids and farmhouse look.  M like Morgan and Miles are more whimsical with floppy hats and orange noses.  W is Walter and Winter and they are more formal with top hats!  Whether their legs dangle, they sit or stand, you will find they will become an adorable accent to your holidays!  Whatever your decorating style, stuffies are an added joy!

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